Policy on Study Usage

Bible study materials authored by KYDavis are copyrighted but are subject to very few
restrictions. Groups that use them vary a great deal and can make up their own rules of
organization—who leads, how often they meet, etc. The groups using them may be made up of
men or women or young people, or mixed groups. They are used nationally and internationally in
home Bible studies, church sponsored studies, Sunday school classes, large nondenominational
studies, teen groups, men’s business groups, seminary classes, etc.

They are, however, to be used in a group setting of whatever size. They are not intended (and not
authorized) for private study exclusively, since there is great value in first studying the lessons
alone and then meeting with others to go over the questions and answers together.
The person ordering Bible study lessons (the group leader) receives a set of questions in PDF
format. He/she is free to make as many copies as needed for each member of the class, without

In our Bible studies, classes meet weekly. To encourage group participation, class members
should receive one lesson each week to prepare for the following week. They should not be
given an entire set of questions at the start of the study. Some people want the benefit of doing
the questions, but are not interested in group participation. These studies are not intended for
them. Attendance tends to decline (and so does learning) when people can receive the studies too

Provision does need to be made for unexpected absences. A friend in the study can sign out a
lesson for an absentee friend and take it to them. Lessons also can be mailed to absentees twice
during a year’s study. After two absences, those absent are asked to provide their leader with a
stamped, self-addressed envelope if they wish to continue in the study. A leader may also scan
his/her lesson in by computer and send it to an absentee as an attachment twice during the
calendar year.

PLEASE NOTE that you are not authorized to post the questions online, to reprint
them on FaceBook, to re-format or re-word the questions in any way, or to take them out of their
PDF format. Doing so in some cases has altered questions, type fonts, pagination, and created
other problems.

Please also do not continue to reproduce questions that are several years old without checking to
see if there is an updated version of the study that may also have additional handouts. The author
would consider it a great kindness on your part to abide by these minimal restrictions on the use
of these materials.

KYDavis, Fall 2015